Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative

What Is Three Rivers Cooperative and Who Do We Serve?

Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative was formed in 1983, as a legal local entity to provide special assistance to schools and to improve educational programs and services for students with disabilities in the member districts. The Cooperative is made up of 5 public school districts. The member districts are: Bennett County, Jones County, Kadoka Area, Lyman, and White River.

Our Mission

We, Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative, working collaboratively with schools & communities, will provide basic and progressive services to our member districts.


Three Rivers offers direct speech services to member districts and coordinates related services such as technology services, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy along with professional development to Education Services Agency Area 6 & 7.

What Other Programs Does Three Rivers Have To Offer?

Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative acts as fiscal agents for various state and federal grants, such as: Carl Perkins, Birth to Three Interagency, Education Service Agency (ESA), Rosebud Sioux Tribe Early Intervention Program, and 21st Century Community Learning Center. The Cooperative also administers the Multi-Tiered System of Support contract.